Ring Sizing & Metal Selection

When choosing an engagement ring or wedding band, "Ring Sizing & Metal Selection" is a crucial task. At Amoura, we understand the importance of every detail, and we infuse precision into every step to ensure your selected ring is not only comfortable to wear but also aligns with your lifestyle and taste. In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on ring sizing and metal selection, with a focus on our flagship metals: Silver Plating, 14K Gold, and 18K Gold.

Ring Sizing

Choosing the correct ring size is essential to ensure your ring fits comfortably. Amoura offers several methods for measuring ring size to help you select the most suitable one.

1. Ring Size Guide

Use Amoura's Ring Size Guide to measure your or your recipient's ring size. Here are simple steps:

  • Take a piece of string or a ring and wrap it around the desired ring finger.
  • Make a mark where the string overlaps.
  • Measure the length of the string (in millimeters or inches).
  • Use our size guide to convert the length into a ring size.

2. Professional Measurement

If you still feel unsure, we recommend seeking professional measurement services at a local jewelry store. Professional jewelers can provide you with an accurate ring size and offer advice on your selection.

Metal Selection

Amoura offers various metal choices to cater to different aesthetics and budget requirements. Here are our flagship metals:


Gold-Plated is an affordable yet stylish choice. It consists of pure silver with a layer of exquisite 18K Gold plating, giving it a shiny appearance while maintaining its rustic charm. Gold-Plated rings are suitable for those seeking a delicate and budget-friendly option. They are also easy to maintain, requiring regular polishing to keep their luster.

14K Gold

14K gold is a premium choice, composed of 58.3% pure gold and other precious metal alloys to increase its hardness and durability. This metal offers various color options, including classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. 14K gold rings combine high quality with exceptional design, making them a perfect blend of classic and durability.

18K Gold

18K gold exudes a sense of nobility and superior craftsmanship. It consists of 75% gold and other precious metal alloys to enhance its hardness and durability. 18K gold rings carry an air of sophistication and are perfect for those pursuing excellent quality and timeless style. Amoura's 18K gold rings offer multiple color options, including classic yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold.


Whether you are in search of the perfect engagement ring or wedding band, Amoura is committed to providing a precise attitude and excellent quality. Choosing the right ring size and metal is crucial to ensuring your ring maintains its beauty and comfort throughout your life. We encourage you to use our ring size guide or consult with a professional jeweler to make a wise choice. Whether you opt for Gold-Plated, 14K Gold, or 18K Gold, Amoura provides the finest materials to meet your jewelry needs. We believe your selection will become a precious lifelong possession.