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The Amoura Lettuce Collection:Limerence

Oct 30,2023 | AmouraJewels

  • The Essence - What the Collection Represents

Amoura's Lettuce collection is our newest main series, it is nature's dance of life, with vibrant green leaves dancing in the breeze with a refreshing scent, symbolizing new life and continued vitality. Lettuce represents the continuous blossoming of life, a gift from nature.

Amoura's Lettuce jewelry collection seems to become a living little creature, gently swaying in the breeze and emitting a fresh scent. Just as each lettuce leaf has a soft texture with a unique texture and shape, each one is also a masterpiece of nature, radiating a unique radiance, one of the wonders.




  • Reasons & Occasions - Why & When to Adorn 

  • WELCOME TO NEW LIFE: Jewelry from the Lettuce Collection symbolizes the beginning of new life. It is a wonderful gift for celebrating birthdays, weddings, the birth of a new baby, and all occasions that represent new beginnings.

Each lettuce leaf dances in the breeze like a newborn's first breath. This jewelry gift is more than just a beautiful accessory, it is a way to express our blessings and love for new life,encouraging us to embrace this new chapter of our lives with joy.

  • EVERYDAY REMINDER: Amoura's lettuce jewelry is also a beautiful daily reminder of the preciousness and brevity of life. They remind us to focus on the present and to feel the energy and beauty of each moment.